King Renes Daughter Henrik Hertz Læs online FB2

King Renes daughter has been blind since she as a child has experienced a shocking fire. When she grows up and is getting married the king will try to cure her, and on that occasion committed a skilled Arab physician. But in all these years where his daughter was blind, she formed her own world inside the head, where everything is good and beautiful, she do not even know that she is blind - it is not dangerous, making her vision and thus put to her the world as it really looks like?We all know that it is no longer fashionable to read plays - (maybe because theater does not publish more?) And this heres even quite old-fashioned in his language - but try anyway, believe me, it pays to make the attempt !The play was translated into English by Theodore Martin and published in 1850 in London, where it was performed on stage.This release is scanned after the original English edition from 1850 in such a way that all uncertain words are replaced by the original book text.Fil størrelse: 853 KB

  • Navn: King Renes Daughter
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  • Forfattere: Henrik Hertz
  • Sprog: Dansk